Chairman's Message

With over 20 years of experience, Paradigm Pioneers is prepared to enter new century of operations in the region. As we perform our existing areas of operation, we extend our activities into new fields and territories. The company has grown from its foundations to a workforce of more than 1000 employees working and enhancing our services, broadening our market reach, and offering a more comprehensive line-up of services to both private and government clients to cater across various industries.

Our core businesses of Construction, Financial Advisory Services, Renewable Energy & Environmental safety consultancy and Education have synergies through a diverse customer base brimming with potential, while at the same time they provide us with balance from an economic perspective. This gives us value-added product criteria that rigorously compel us to be on the cutting edge of innovation.

Sagacity combined with relentless drive for quality and timely deliverables to our customers are the two prime corner stones of Paradigm Pioneers Group. We have gained trust as a quality provider among our customers through competence, timely customer service with reliable and quality standards. As a company, we will continue to offer unmatched value to our clients on the strength of our sound fundamentals in core businesses.

The current challenging business environment is offering us the opportunities to complement our entrepreneurial spirit which will help us to expand on a global level. I would like to express our gratitude for the support given by all our patrons during our endeavour.